• Zinj, Kingdom of Bahrain


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process of evaluating likely environmental impacts of a proposed Project or development taking into account of physical, biological, socio-economic and human impacts, both beneficial and adverse.
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consists of three stages:

  • Screening
  • Environmental Scoping Report
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

The first stage in the preparation of an EIA (Screening), includes submitting a screening form to the Ministry of Environment / Supreme Council for Environment for approval. After the MoE / SCE approves the screening document, Environmental Scoping Report will be prepared and then submitted to the Authorities. During the scoping process the most critical issues to study will be determined.

After the MoE/SCE has approved the scoping document, the Draft EIA report is made. Its structure and contents must be in line with the scoping report. The EIA Report will outline the prediction of impacts, and a detailed plan for managing and monitoring environmental impacts during construction and operation.

Newtech has conducted Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Statement Study for a range of Clients which includes:

  • Ministry of Housing – Nuwaidrat Housing Project
  • Kingdom Steel – Kingdom Steel Plant
  • Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill – GARMCO Remelt Expansion Project
  • JBF Bahrain S.P.C – Polyester Film Plant