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Elan Cite

Élan Cité, founded in 2005, the company initially specialized in the radar speed signs and expanded its expertise in the urban electronic display, Constant innovation, responsiveness of the organization and the excellent value for money products offered by Élan Cité have allowed the company to position itself as the French leader for radar speed signs.

The recognized expertise of the company allows to export the products worldwide.

Evolis Radar Speed Sign

Use Evolis radar speed sign to secure the town entries, schools and accident-prone areas of your city.
Easy to install and set-up, Evolis radar speed sign will efficiently reduce speed in any urban areas.
Take the right decision for your city, invest into an Evolis radar speed sign!


With 34cm high speed digits, a large text template and ultra-high brightness LEDs, Evolis radar speed sign is the market most visible and effective system for speed reduction.


The anti-corrosion and anti-UV treatments and sealing of Evolis radar speed sign ensure for long term resistance, strength and durability to:

Towns in areas of high heat or extreme cold,
Cities undergoing strong traffic with a highway, high speed roads and ring.

Radar Speed Sign Elan Cite
Radar Speed Sign Elan Cite
Radar Speed Sign Elan Cite


Installed in 5 minutes by one person, the Evolis radar speed sign offers :

  • birdlight with integrated fixings,
  • user-friendly multi-lingual set-up and traffic data software,
  • pre-configured and ready for installation.

Ease of use

Users of Evolis radar speed sign especially appreciate the comfort offered by embedded technologies:

  • Bluetooth connection in order to stay in the car to change settings or download traffic data
  • GPRS to communicate, from any computer station via a secure Web interface.

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