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Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is a globally present, Germany-based market leader. Our group is synonymous with future-oriented components, systems, and solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. A global network across more than 100 countries and 17,600 employees ensure close proximity to our customers, which we believe is particularly important.

Industrial Communication Technology

Thanks to industrial communication technology from Phoenix Contact, you can increase the degree of automation of your systems. We offer a comprehensive range of high-performance interface devices which meet the high demands of modern applications.

Industrial Communication Technology Phoenix Contact
Industrial Communication Technology

Terminal Blocks

The CLIPLINE complete terminal block system allows you to respond flexibly to your customers’ requirements – for all applications, anywhere in the world. Choose from the following connection methods:

  • Simple PT and PTV Push-in connection
  • Universal UT screw connection
  • Compact ST spring-cage connection
  • Fast QT QUICKON connection
  • COMBI plug-in connection solutions
  • Robust RT bolt connection
Clipline Phoenix Contact

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