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Since 1970, Cirrus Research has pioneered and innovated technology that has made monitoring and measuring noise easier and more accessible. As one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of noise measurement instruments, Cirrus Research is a name you can trust to provide accurate, reliable and easy-to-use instruments that will stand up to scrutiny, and allow you to reduce the devastating effects of excessive noise exposure.

We supply noise monitoring instruments from one of the world’s leading names – Cirrus Research plc. Range of Products include:

The Optimus Green

The top of the range Optimus Green has been specifically designed as an environmental sound level meter and is perfect for measuring environmental noise and noise pollution.
The Optimus Green provides everything you need to measure both occupational and environmental noise to the fullest extent. With a range of features and functionality that allow you to measure multiple parameters simultaneously, there’s no other device you could need.

Optimus Green Cirrus Research
Optimus Green
Optimus Green Cirrus Research
Optimus Green

The Optimus Red

The Optimus Red sound level meter makes measuring noise at work easy, as it uses the very latest digital technology to save you time. It can measure all the data you need simultaneously, so you won’t need to worry about missing something or choosing the wrong function. Just turn it on, calibrate it, and get measuring!
Built as a noise at work meter, the Optimus Red meets the Noise At Work Regulations in the UK, European Union noise regulations, and OSHA, HC & PEL, MSHA and ACGIH guidelines in the United States.

Optimus Red Cirrus Research
Optimus Red

The Professional doseBadge⁵ Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge5 is a high performance wireless noise dosimeter that allows you to make compliant occupational noise exposure measurements, put into place effective control measures and ensure that workers are not exposed to noise levels which will put their hearing at risk.
The doseBadge5 is powerful yet simple-to-use ensuring that you can gather robust, reliable information that can be used effectively for the assessment of occupational noise exposures and includes all of the unique features of the original doseBadge such as no controls, cables or displays with a range of new functions and features.
In addition to the 4 independent channels or integrators (which can be configured to meet any combination of Regulations, Standards or Guidelines), the doseBadge5 also now provides real-time octave band analysis over the entire measurement and when combined with the NoiseTools software, allows individual noise sources to be identified, making the selection of
hearing protection, quicker, simpler and more effective.

Dosebadge5 Noise Dosimeter Cirrus Research
Dosebadge5 Noise Dosimeter

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