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Vibrock Ltd is one of the U.K.’s leading environmental consultancy firms. They provide specialist environmental advice and monitoring ranging from air quality to the measurement and assessment of vibration and noise. Their instrumentation team provide sales and hire of specialist equipment. Their provide expert services within the UK and abroad to businesses, authorities and individuals. As an independent consultancy company, Vibrock Ltd provides our clients with environmental services of the highest quality, based upon the strength of experience, technical knowledge and project management. Their dedicated instrumentation team research and develop new technologies to ensure our range of V9000 Seismographs is amongst the most reliable within the industry. Their provide a comprehensive repair and calibration facility which includes our unique on-site service to maintain the continuity of your monitoring operations.

V9000 Seismograph is a Battery Powered Portable Vibration Monitor

The all new V9000 Seismograph is designed and manufactured by Vibrock Ltd to meet the needs of our customers.  The V9000 Seismograph is a battery powered portable vibration monitor, designed for monitoring blasting, piling, demolition, construction and traffic vibrations.  It can also monitor dominant frequencies as well as air overpressure from blasting, using the optional microphone.

New features include:

  • Internet based remote capability;
  • Frequency plotting in accordance with BS 5228 Part 2: 2009 and BS 7385 Part 2; 1993;
  • Multiple text alarm functions;
  • Larger screen with graphical representation;
  • 7 day timer function;
  • Sleep mode;
  • Basic and custom set up;
  • Selectable data storage rate;
  • Data storage for all 3 axes;
  • Extended battery life of up to 40 days.

Vibrock Ltd offer many options for the V9000 including:

  • 2 stage audible/visual alarm
  • Air overpressure microphone (100 – 152 dB range)
  • GPS location facility
  • 2G Modem for multiple text alerts and remote capabilities

Results can be downloaded to a PC, using Vibrocks all new plug and play software, and can be saved, analysed, printed and exported to Microsoft Excel.  The V9000 Seismograph is also available as a twin channel transducer instrument enabling measurements on a common time base in two locations simultaneously.  The V9000 Seismograph also measures vibration dose value (VDV) to BS 6472 Part 1:2008.

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V9000 Seismograph Vibroc
V9000 Seismograph
V9000 Seismograph Vibroc
V9000 Seismograph
V9000 Seismograph Vibroc
V9000 Seismograph

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