• Zinj, Kingdom of Bahrain


Newtech International have vast experience in this field and have conducted various jobs on a large scale around the Middle East.

This is a technique used to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell. This can be used for underground pipelines and other structures where passive galvanic cathodic protection is not adequate.
Cathodic Protection products and solutions for pipelines, storage tanks (internals & externals) power stations, pilings etc.

Engineering Services

  • Feasibility, Economic Studies & Site Investigations
  • Consultancy, Specialist Advice & Training
  • Planning, Project Designs, Project Management
  • Materials Supply, Installation, Supervision & Commissioning
  • Cost Estimates, Specifications & Bills of Materials
  • Specialist Surveys (CIPS, DCVG, Pearson)
  • Recoating / refurbishment services
  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection