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Agar Corporation

Agar Corporation, develop, design, and manufacture of multiphase flow meters (MPFMs), oil/water meters, interface, emulsion & foam detectors, and hydrate detectors. Our solutions increase the efficiency of oil production and processing in applications such as heavy oil well testing, waste water treatment, automatic tank dewatering, desalters, emulsion & foam control, and hydrate detection where hydrocarbons and aqueous mixtures are present

Interface Detectors

Interface detectors, a wide range of models, process connections, and output options are available for the control of a variety of process installations such as Tanks, Decanters, Dehydrators, Desalters, Coalescers, etc. The ID-200 Series advanced control capabilities can be used to automate upset responses, antifoam and demulsifier chemical feed systems, and eliminate cross-contamination of separating phases.

ID 200

The ID-200 Series Interface Detectors are used for interface measurement and control in all types of liquid/liquid and vapor/liquid separation processes including emulsions and foam.

ID 200H

The ID-200H Series are 2 wire 4-20mA loop powered probes used for interface measurement and control in all types of liquid/liquid and vapor/liquid separation processes.

ID 200 Agar Corporation
ID 200
ID 200H Agar Corporation
ID 200H

Oil Water Meters

Agar’s Oil Water meters measure oil and water in production fluids. Samples production flow every three seconds, calculating the percentage of water in the flow stream giving operators an accurate breakdown of fluids from producing wells.

OW 200

Only microwave based liquid/liquid analyzer in which the accuracy is not affected by changes in salinity, density, viscosity, temperature or velocity of the components being analyzed.

OW 200 Plus

Based on the OW-200 and combines Agar’s advance Coriolis technology with field proven measurement to achieve superior accuracy in GVF range of 0 to 85%.

OW 300

Agar OW-300 series measure the complex permittivity properties of the flow stream using a multiple high frequency method.

OW 201 Agar Corporation
OW 201
OW 200 Plus Agar Corporation
OW 200 Plus
OW 300 Agar Corporation
OW 300

Multiphase Flow Meters

The (Multiphase Flow Meters) MPFM-50 provides accurate, real-time measurements of oil, water and gas flows simultaneously without separation of the phases. Specially designed for low maintenance and ease of operation, they require no field calibration or prior knowledge of fluid properties (such as fluid density and salinity) to attain the specified accuracies. The real-time data capabilities of these meters allow for optimization of all types of critical production enhancement techniques.

Advantages of the AGAR MPFM-50

  • Gas void fraction 0-100%
  • Water-cut 0-100%
  • Not affected by flow regimes
  • High accuracy, real-time flow measurement
  • High and low viscosities
  • No nuclear (radioactive) sources
  • Compact, portable, and easy to transport and install
  • Wet gas application
  • Can be either skid mounted or installed inline
  • Has a small footprint to reduce space requirements
MPFM 50 Agar Corporation

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