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We provide a wide range of flexible airfield lighting solutions using the most cost-efficient and scalable solar energy source.

The durable airfield systems install within hours for maintenance-free operations without grid power, buried cable or airfield electrical vaults. With rugged, wire-free designs and sophisticated solar energy management systems, these products are ideally suited for use at locations around the globe.

Product Range:

  • PAPI / APAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicators)
  • Runway Lighting
  • Taxiway & Apron Lights
  • ERGL
  • Helipad Lighting
  • Wind Cones
  • Airfield Signs
  • Wireless Controls
  • Obstruction Marking
Runway Lighting Flash Technology
Precision Approach Path Flash Technology
Precision Approach Path
Runway Lighting Flash Technology
Runway Lighting

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