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Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection Co Ltd has been operating since 1950 as one of the few truly global cathodic protection companies. With offices in the United Kingdom and Dubai, as well as agents located around the world, this award-winning company will always be on hand to help you protect your investment.

Trust Transformer Rectifiers

Cathodic Protection Co Ltd has been developing and building transformer rectifiers for over 25 years.  With over 3,000 having been built, the TRUst brand of TR has become synonymous with quality and reliability.

Trust Transformer Rectifiers Cathodic Protection
Trust Transformer Rectifiers

Junction Boxes & Test Stations

Junction boxes for positive and negative current distribution and control and for resistance bonding are available to meet exact client specifications, as are test stations.

Junction Boxes Test Stations Cathodic Protection
Junction Boxes Test Stations

Test Equipment

As well as the extensive surveying and monitoring work carried out by the Field Services division, Cathodic Protection Co Ltd also supplies a range of test equipment.

Test Equipment Cathodic Protection
Test Equipment

Rustrol Cathodic Isolators

Cathodic Protection Co Ltd is an agent and distributor for the US company Rustrol, manufacturers of the SSP Surge Protector, which effectively blocks the DC current while simultaneously providing an AC continuity grounding path.

Rustrol Cathodic Isolator Cathodic Protection
Rustrol Cathodic Isolator

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