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FCI Fluid Components International

Fluid Components International (FCI) designs and manufactures thermal mass flow meters, flow switches and level switches for industrial process measurement applications utilizing patented thermal dispersion flow measurement technologies.

FCI products deliver accuracy and reliability to the world’s most demanding processes and industries including chemical, oil and gas, power and energy, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, nuclear power, aerospace, and many more.

All FCI products are tested and calibrated to rigorous standards to ensure you get the instrument that does the job you specified. To design and produce the highest quality flow instrumentation, FCI operates a world-class, fully NIST traceable flow calibration laboratory that is certified to meet such stringent standards as MIL-STD 45662A and ANSI/NCSL Z-540.

Mass and Gas Flow Meters and Switches

Mass Flow Meters, Flow and Level Switches for Process Measurement and Automation. Rugged, accurate, repeatable superior quality designs have made FCI the leader in thermal dispersion mass flow meters, flow switches and level switches for industrial process measurement applications. FCI air and gas flow meters are applied from small dosing lines to the largest stacks

  • Mass Flow Meters
  • Gas Flow Meters
  • Liquid Level Switches
  • Gas Flow Switches
  • Liquid Flow Switches
Mass Flow Meters FCI Fluid Component
Mass Flow Meters FCI Fluid Component

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